The Alberta Medical Association Board of Directors created the Achievement Awards in 1992 to honor physicians (Medal for Distinguished Service) and non-physicians (Medal of Honour) for their hard work in contributing to quality health care in Alberta.

You or your organization may nominate someone who is working hard to provide quality health care in Alberta.

Medal for Distinguished Service – Physician (may or may not be an AMA member) who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the medical profession and to the people of Alberta that has:

  • Contributed to the art and science of medicine. 
  • Raised the standards of medical practice.   

Medal of Honour – Non-physician who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the people of Alberta by:

  • Contributing to the advancement of medical research, medical education, health care organization, health education and/or health promotion to the public. 
  • Raising the standards of health care in Alberta.  

Nominations must be submitted by April 30. The awards will be presented at the President’s Dinner at the AMA’s Fall 2019 Representative Forum/Annual General Meeting in Edmonton.

To request a nomination form for these awards, please contact Michelle Hawgood, email, telephone 780.482.2626, ext. 3625 or visit the AMA website

2018 Honorees 

In 2018, three physicians were recognized with a Medal for Distinguished Service:

  • Dr. Norman M. Kneteman, Edmonton
  • Dr. John B. Kortbeek, Calgary
  • Dr. Harvey R. Rabin, Calgary

In 2018, the following people were recognized with a Medal of Honour: 

  • Carol E. Cass, PhD, Edmonton
  • The Price Family (Chad, Dave, Isabelle, Joanna, Matt and Teri), Acme

To read more about the 2018 honorees, visit the AMA website at