Advocacy is a professional role of all physicians. In the past few years, many Alberta physicians have stepped into the spotlight as media spokespeople and/or social media activists regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and other health system issues.

Did you know the AMA offers both traditional and social media training? We are planning to deliver our training virtually for 2022 at least. In-person events may be considered in the future, but for now you can train from the comfort of your home or office. 

If you are interested in any of these offerings, please email

Media 101

What is the media environment in Alberta today, and what do you need to know? This one-hour introductory session is designed for media newcomers or those who just want to understand the business a bit better. The training provides an overview of the media outlets, reporters and industry trends that are driving how health news is covered. We’ll discuss the basics of media relations including how to deal with media requests, develop your strategy and key messages, and prepare and deliver your interview. 

Media 201

For those who want more in-depth individual work, the three-hour Media 201 reviews some of the basic tips and strategies from Media 101. You will then workshop a media topic and be interviewed over video. You’ll have a chance to watch your interview and receive feedback and coaching. 

Social Media 101

Social media has tremendous influence. Many members already advocate regularly and powerfully on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Other physicians are often curious about the experience but may be hesitant to step in. This one-hour session addresses the basic function of social media advocacy and provides guidance so that, whether you are already active or are wanting to try social media advocacy for the first time, you can do so on your own terms. Learn how to determine your objectives and establish a personal brand, including personal guardrails and parameters to keep you as well and as safe as possible in the social media space.

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