Warriors wither in peace; 

Swords rust in silence 

Waters go blue without blood

Armies starve without violence


This serenity, this love

This is not a world for a survivor 

Here they feel abandoned

Like a world-class navigator without a driver


Hard trains and thorny paths 

Pain and suffering is their truth 

They grew up in kill or die

Not a Yolo youth


They are no different;

There's nothing wrong with them

They usually come in handy during crisis

A true friend, a hidden gem


It's just that they don't know what love is 

They never got to know

They were born in war

They matured; they didn't grow


Perfectionists, empaths, 

Hyper-attenuated senses

They will seem to be prepared for everything 

Hyperactive defenses


Let me tell you how they look like

They look like just about anyone, me or you

And when you recognize one

Give them the hug long due


They still have that child inside of them 

They are still looking for love

They will look contained but are fragile

So maybe wear an empathetic glove


Please o please, I beg you

Let them into your homes

They are not as strong as they look

Coz strength was tortured into their bones

Banner image credit: Gisela Merkuur, Pixabay.com

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