An apology

I know, I know 

You're going to hate me

I don't blame you.

I do apologize.

But couldn't help it,

It came to me

Please forgive me

For unconventional thinking

And for stirring emotion

raising ire.

I respect you

You're entitled to your opinion

But medicine is my dominion

I, therefore, dare

to criticize 

My fellow docs.

who risk their lives.

I think, perhaps,

We should have left

COVID decisions

To the politicians

For, after all 

They're used to changing

Their rules, their Bills

at the drop of a political whim.

For, unlikely as it seems

They might

Through murky waters

Have steered this ship

With the wind

Calmed my emotions

Soothed my ire. 

So that 

When I had ventured forth

From my home, 

from my couch,

I would have liked to see

Faces easy and free

Children playing,

Old folks sunning

We a hugging

Once more a happy family!


I do highly recommend;

To stay 

A happy family,

We use Dr. Jia Hu's


His most clever 


The Alberta Tracks


On your cell phone.

Thanks and have a great day!

- Dr. Muriel Solomon 

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