The Section of Rural Medicine is accepting applications for the 2020 Tarrant Scholarship, named in honor of the late Dr. Michael Tarrant, a dedicated family physician and champion of rural medicine undergraduate education.

The Tarrant Scholarship serves as a well-received and highly valued incentive for qualified third-year medical students to focus their undergraduate studies (and ultimately their careers) on rural medicine.

The Tarrant Scholarship is presented every fall to third-year medical students from University of Alberta and University of Calgary who demonstrate a strong interest in and dedication to rural medicine during their undergraduate years.

Since its inception in 2004, the Tarrant Scholarship has been awarded to 41 medical students and has provided more than $425,000 in awards. 

Medical students can apply

Medical students are eligible to apply for the scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are a U of A or U of C medical student in clerkship in 2020. 
  • Are keenly interested in building a career in rural medicine in Alberta.
  • Demonstrate a dedication to rural medicine in their undergraduate work.

Physicians can donate to support the scholarship and rural medicine

In the past, SRM has partnered with the Canadian Medical Foundation and the AMA to enable members to contribute on a charitable basis to the Tarrant Scholarship program. The section would like to thank all who have donated in the past. Your contributions enable the continuation of this important scholarship. 

The section encourages you once again to consider a tax-deductible donation to help ensure the continued future of the Tarrant Scholarship as it works to sustain the educational development of future rural physicians. You may do so during membership renewal in the fall.

Application deadline is June 1

Visit the AMA’s website for more information and to download the 2020 Tarrant Scholarship application form.