Ever thought the Alberta Medical Association could really use a new website? If so, you'll be pleased to know the AMA has been working long and hard on completely overhauling how our digital services are offered online ... and we are very close to launching!

The list of website improvements is long and represents significant enhancements to how we share information and serve members online, positioning the AMA to more effectively address new and changing member needs.

When the new albertadoctors.org launches, this is what you can expect.

Improved design

We’ve worked closely with our users and web design specialists to improve the aesthetic look and the design language of the AMA website. It looks better, and scanning, reading and navigating will be easier too.

Improved content organization

We’ve overhauled the site organization to make content easier to find and adaptable to future needs.

Search first

But who wants to dig for content when a search can pull it up right away? We’ve taken a search-first focus in rebuilding the site so that content is never more than a quick query away. Finding and discovering what you’re looking for will be quicker and easier than ever thanks to modern search features like AI-supported results, search filters and auto-suggestions.

Improved personalization

One size does not fit all. With that in mind, we’ve expanded and improved personalized features to help you quickly access the content and services that matter to you.

  • The new QuickDash: Get quick access to sites and features important to you from any page.
  • My Committees: Easily track and access the committees you are on or apply to join.
  • Learn@AMA and Fee Navigator: Seamlessly navigate to these areas with improved connections and context-dependent links to our key sub-sites.
  • New personal profile and improved dashboard: At launch, you’ll find an updated look for the member dashboard and enhanced profile features that make it easier to update and manage what you share with the AMA and other members.
  • Wholesale, under-the-hood improvements: If the last website was a mouse chasing cheese on a treadmill, the new albertadoctors.org is the latest induction motor. Our new content management system, representing a twenty-year leap forward over our old system, increases the speed and capability of our website while decreasing cost and development time for new features.
  • Enhanced security: Feel more at ease knowing the information we share on the new site is more secure than ever. (When the new site launches you will be prompted to improve the strength of your password).

These are only some of the new enhancements you can expect, and we’ve got more lined up following the launch. As we near the launch date (currently slated for August) keep an eye out for more information and a special launch contest!

For more information, contact us at webmaster@albertadoctors.org

Banner image credit: Mudassar Iqbal, pixabay.com