Canadian Medical Association President, Dr. Gigi Osler, addresses the Alberta Medical Association RF/AGM (excerpts).
Canadian Medical Association's work with the Alberta Medical Association is entering a new chapter 

The Canadian Medical Association’s relationship with its provincial and territorial partners continues to be important for all parties involved, especially as the CMA moves into a new era of advocacy. As part of that relationship, the CMA was thrilled to take part in the Alberta Medical Association’s Representative Forum and Annual General Meeting in September. 

During her address to membership, CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler was clear: the CMA is committed to its partnership with the AMA, and by working together, the two organizations can drive meaningful change in Alberta and beyond. In fact, the AMA was the CMA’s first-ever provincial division and has now become the first to formally outline what their national-provincial relationship will look like going forward. 

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During her address to AMA membership, CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler was clear: the CMA is committed to its partnership with the AMA.

The AMA played an important role in the CMA’s inaugural Health Summit, which took place in August in Winnipeg. Participants were impressed with the AMA’s showcase of its online community,, which engages patients in the province in health care change. These types of initiatives will become even more important as we strive to increase patients’ participation in the transformation of our health care system. 

At the CMA Awards in Winnipeg, two Albertans received special distinctions. Dr. Cara Bablitz received the CMA Award for Young Leaders for her work providing palliative care to socially vulnerable patients in Edmonton and her efforts to address inequities in Indigenous health. The AMA CEO, Mr. Mike Gormley, was awarded the CMA Owen Adams Award of Honour for his tireless work advocating for physicians and for improvements to the health care system.

As a member association, the CMA will continue to connect with its members to better understand the issues that matter to them and their patients. The newly introduced CMA Communities of Interest Grants program is one way the CMA supports its members’ grassroots advocacy efforts. One of this year’s grant recipients is AMA board member Dr. Kim Kelly, who leads the equity in medicine community, and whose work comes at a critical time. Alberta physician Dr. Alika Lafontaine is also one of this year’s Community of Interest Grant recipients, working with his group to examine Indigenous health inequities and to identify ways of resolving them. 

Professionalism continues to be a major issue for physicians, which is one of the many reasons the CMA is modernizing its code of ethics to more accurately reflect the virtues, values and principles that should guide us in medical practice. 

Further member consultation will occur early next year as the CMA embarks on a cross-country forum series. These meetings will provide members, including those in Alberta, with the opportunity to connect directly with the CMA and have their voices heard. 

While we’ve been partners for many years, the CMA’s work with the AMA is entering a new chapter. Building on our strong relationship, we will continue to draw from our diverse perspectives and come together to drive positive change for physicians, patients and health care.

Banner photo: Working together – AMA President, Dr. Alison Clarke (L) and CMA President, Dr. Gigi Osler (photo credit: Curtis Comeau).