As Alberta physicians face the challenges that lie ahead, every AMA membership renewal counts. We must stand together in the face of government’s attempts to divide and conquer physicians. The AMA is your voice in Alberta and is best positioned to advocate for physicians, patients and the future of our health care system.

The next two years will be pivotal. The AMA’s ability to support physicians as we stand together on behalf of patients and each other will be determined by continued membership in our Association. Every single membership makes the AMA more equipped to fight back against government changes that are threatening us and our patients. Renewing your membership is the first and most important way that you can contribute to this fight.

Take a look at how your membership dues will make a difference. The AMA continues to provide value for members through:

  • Unity
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Programs, services and supports

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STAND WITH US and renew your AMA, CMA and section memberships today!