You’ve probably met a patient like Michelle before: not physically active, dealing with significant stress and unable to find time for herself. For Michelle, this combination ultimately led to job burnout. But when her doctor gave her a Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA), it was just what she needed to turn her life around.

“Through my time with the program, I was able to start a self-care routine that has expanded over the years and helped improve my self-esteem as well as my physical and mental health,” says Michelle

Michelle is not alone – thousands of people have received this unique prescription that gives them access to fitness and coaching resources they may never have been able to access before because of low income, lack of understanding of the importance of physical activity or hesitation to try something new. 

In an era where achieving optimal health is increasingly complicated, a return to the simplicity of physical activity may be just what’s needed. Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA) is an easy and quick program for doctors to administer – it only takes a few seconds to prescribe. The program focuses on providing activity options that are meaningful to your patients, and the behavioural support services help them sustain their active lifestyle longer or start a new one.

Prescription to Get Active process map.png
Prescription to Get Active process map

How RxTGA works for you

We know that you have many different priorities, which is why we have developed a prescriber toolkit that enables you, or members of your care team, to prescribe physical activity in just seconds. You can even prescribe virtually! If you are interested in becoming part of the RxTGA program , we’re here to support you every step of the way:

  • You can receive a quick personalized orientation from your PCN or RxTGA.
  • You can access the RxTGA form on most EMRs.
  • You can request the special RxTGA tear-away prescription pad. 
  • You always have access to support from the program – we encourage you to reach out any time if you have questions.

Why RxTGA will work for your patients

RxTGA meets each patient where they are. When the patient registers their prescription, they gain access to physical activity opportunities provided by qualified fitness and recreation professionals. There is something for everyone, everywhere (urban and rural) to get started and adopt a more active lifestyle – and everything is free:

  • trial access to thousands of online movement and exercise videos
  • trial access to recreation and fitness facilities
  • ongoing access to trial guides
  • ongoing access to a remote behavioural support app to help patients stick with new habits
  • a resource library that includes evidence-based materials like the 6-Week Getting Started Guide, Physical Activity Tips for Older Adults and much more
  • an 8-12-week activity coaching program provided by certified health coaches to get started on the right foot and help patients sustain their new active lifestyle (starting winter 2021/22)

Why you should join this program

RxTGA can help you reduce the burden of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease among your patients. RxTGA can also help them improve their mental health by reducing the risk of anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline and by delaying onset of dementia. Finally, physical activity makes people feel good!

What others are saying

We were thrilled to hear from Dr. Julia C. about the impact the program has had in her practice:

“Many of my patients are low-income and the cost of joining a gym or even dropping in at a city rec center is prohibitive. By giving them a Prescription to Get Active, the barrier to change is removed and they can take an important step (or 10,000 steps!) towards improving their physical and mental health.”

How to join RxTGA

Reach out to Jeff Tareta, RxTGA Executive Director, at or 1-866-212-7552 ext. 1.

The RxTGA can’t wait to have you on board and to start working with your patients!

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