Our Alberta physicians are incredible. They are also, perhaps, a bit humble. Every month, the AMA Shine A Light program receives nominations that highlight caring and compassionate physicians across the province. And we know that not every physician wishes to take their moment in the spotlight. For every Shine A Light story published, several more nominees wish to keep a low profile.

 The AMA loves to see how our physicians are making a difference. Nominations come from patients, colleagues and, sometimes, colleagues who are also patients.

You can’t underestimate the impact that a positive experience with a physician can have, whether it’s solving a complex medical puzzle, providing some hope for better health days or simply listening to a patient who hasn’t felt they’ve been heard.

Here are a few snippets from recent nominations:

“She is an outstanding professional in her area of work. She deserves to be awarded and recognized as the Best Physician in Edmonton.” 

– a family member of patient nominating a family physician

“She truly serves patients who often are stigmatized, dismissed, and left vulnerable in our society, and I know she always ‘does the right thing.’ We are lucky to work and learn with her, and our patients are in expert and caring hands.” 

– a physician nominating a colleague

“She knows me and she knows my story. She is the true definition of a family doctor.” 

– a patient nominating a family physician

“Even though she works tirelessly in her job, she advocates for self-care for her physician colleagues. This is an often under recognized area but a very important aspect for physicians to identify and promote among themselves.” 

– a physician nominating a colleague

“He is not only a good doctor but also a great human.” 

– a patient nominating a family physician

 Nominate a physician 

To all the physicians out there who have been nominated, please consider letting us share your nomination story in Alberta Doctors’ Digest. You deserve to be recognized, so take your moment to shine!

Want to nominate a physician you know? Just submit a nomination form online.

The Shine A Light Program recognizes and profiles AMA member physicians who are making a difference by:

  • Spearheading projects that improve patient and/or community life.
  • Diligently following/tracking patients to ensure coordinated care.
  • Working long hours and adjusting schedules to meet patient needs.
  • Contributing to Alberta’s vision of a high-performing health care system.