Close to 50 Edmonton and area elementary school children, parents, siblings, coaches and teachers came out on October 20 for the second annual Live Active Community Fun Run. The run was hosted by the AMA Youth Run Club (YRC) in Hawrelak Park.

Dr. Padraic Carr, AMA Past President and dedicated champion of the YRC, joined Ever Active Schools’ Director Brian Torrance in extending greetings to the participants and respectfully acknowledging their presence on Treaty 6 territory. 

Along with YRC partners the AMA and Ever Active Schools, the run was supported by YRC sponsors Alberta Blue Cross, MD Financial Management, JumpStart and Fast Trax Run & Ski, and event sponsor the City of Edmonton.

YRC Carr_Torrance_LACFR2018 cropped.jpg
(L to R) Dr. Padraic Carr, AMA Past President and dedicated champion of the YRC, joined Ever Active Schools’ Director Brian Torrance in extending greetings to the participants.
AMA members: Thank you for checking the box!

Since its inception in 2013, the AMA Youth Run Club has encouraged and facilitated AMA members’ involvement and support. Physicians, residents and medical students can participate in the following ways:

  • Introduce a Youth Run Club to a school and/or help lead (coach) a school club.
  • Speak to and welcome participants at a YRC launch, run or Coaches Workshop.
  • Deliver a School Health Advocacy Talk at a YRC school.

Recently, the AMA provided a new way for members to support the AMA Youth Run Club: a charitable donation (Step 11 on the 2018-19 AMA membership form). Both the AMA and Ever Active Schools – our Youth Run Club partner – are thrilled with the positive and generous member response. Thank you!

YRC Volunteers - MD Financial_LACFR2018 cropped.jpg
The run was supported, in part, by YRC sponsors MD Financial Management.
What your donation means

Your donations will help us continue to develop the AMA Youth Run Club and increase the number of children and youth participating by doing the following:

  • Expanding the age range from predominantly elementary students to include junior and senior high students.
  • Increasing inclusivity and making the club accessible to more children and youth by offering a greater variety of physical activities and partnering with organizations to provide related equipment. 
  • Continuing to develop the GO! Run Club (Girls Only!).
  • Increasing the membership and relationship development with Indigenous schools. 

Photo credits: Brian Torrance and AMA Public Affairs