Dr. Robert Lampard has been an unstoppable force when it comes to documenting the medical history of Alberta. With his jaw-dropping personal library of reference material and more than a dozen of his own books published, he is well known to most Alberta doctors.

And then there are the articles! How many articles has he written for Alberta Doctors' Digest over the years? Uh, we've lost count! There's one last article coming in the September-October issue, and then Dr. Lampard hangs up his pen.

We're going to miss him.

Dr. Robert Lampard with books.jpg
Medical historian, Dr. Robert Lampard, shows off two of the books he's authored in his personal library near Red Deer. (photo credit: Marvin Polis)

I visited Dr. Lampard at his personal library near Red Deer to turn the tables on him. I wanted him to tell his own story. Dr. Lampard has spent decades telling stories about other doctors, so it was a huge challenge getting him to talk about himself. But I persevered and was able to glean 10 minutes of learnings about Dr. Lampard.

During the other 40 minutes of our talk, he told me more stories about Alberta's iconic medical history. Absolutely fascinating. But we'll share the short version here.


Banner image credit: Marvin Polis

Alberta Doctors' Digest Editor-in-Chief, Marvin Polis, has a farewell chat will medical history writer, Dr. Robert Lampard.