They walk among us – extremely hard-working physician colleagues who epitomize what it means to practice medicine for the sake of helping people feel better, or at least doing everything possible in their power to do so. 

These inspirational physicians work L-O-N-G hours; they stay current on training and education; they put others’ (patients and colleagues) needs ahead of their own; they are leaders and mentors. They respect the vulnerability of their patients during difficult times, and they realize and rise to the responsibility of earning their patients’ trust. 

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Recognize an inspirational physician today. (Photo credit:

These physicians, through their conduct, humility and authenticity, often play a key role in your dedication to and love of your career in medicine. If you know and/or work with a special physician like this, please nominate him/her for recognition by the AMA’s Shine A Light program. 

Don’t let your busy life leave too little time for this small, yet grand gesture of thanks to a colleague who Makes a Difference.

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