Our remarkable honorees

The Alberta Medical Association is proud to salute these extraordinary Albertans as they are honored with the most prestigious awards bestowed by the AMA and the Canadian Medical Association.

AMA Medal for Distinguished Service

AMA Medal for Distinguished Service for outstanding personal contributions to the medical profession and to Albertans that have contributed to the art and science of medicine and raised the standards of medical practice:

AMA Medal of Honour 

AMA Medal of Honour for outstanding personal contributions by a non-physician to Albertans that have contributed to the advancement of medical research/education, health care organization, health education and/or health promotion to the public:

AMA Award for Compassionate Service 

AMA Award for Compassionate Service for serving as an inspiration to others with outstanding compassion, dedication and extraordinary contributions to volunteer or philanthropic efforts to improve the state of the community:

CMA Award for Young Leaders 

CMA Award for Young Leaders (Early Career) for exemplary dedication, commitment and leadership in clinical, political, education, research and/or community service:

CMA Owen Adams Award of Honour 

CMA Owen Adams Award of Honour for excellence in service to the profession in the field of medical organization:

AMA Long-Service Award

The AMA Long-Service Award recognizes physicians with 10 years of AMA service who contribute their knowledge, skill and time to the advancement of the profession. Their work, whether on the Board of Directors or its committees, supports and encourages the association’s development.

  • Dr. Jeremy R. Beach, Edmonton
  • Dr. Lawrence R. Farries, Red Deer
  • Dr. Catherine G. Flood, Edmonton
  • Dr. Peter D. Grundy, Calgary
  • Dr. Michal S. (Mike) Kalisiak, Calgary
  • Dr. Christopher J. Rudnisky, Edmonton
  • Dr. Lowell J. Van Zuiden, Calgary
  • Dr. George O. Wood, Edmonton
AMA Member Emeritus Award

The Member Emeritus Award recognizes significant contributions to the goals and aims of the AMA, seniority, long-term membership and distinguished service (20 years) based on criteria determined by the Board of Directors. Members Emeriti enjoy all the rights and privileges of a full member, but shall not be required to pay annual dues.

  • Dr. Richard G. Bergstrom, Edmonton
  • Dr. Steven M. Edworthy, Calgary
  • Dr. Brent T. Friesen, Calgary
  • Dr. Rowland T. Nichol, Calgary
  • Dr. Roger C. Rampling, Lethbridge
  • Dr. Michel D. Sauve, Fort McMurray 
  • Dr. Peter M. Venner, Edmonton
CMA Honorary Members

CMA Honorary Members are those who have distinguished themselves by their attainments in medicine, science, the humanities or who have rendered significant services to the association, are members in good standing, and have attained the age of 65 years. Honorary members have also significantly contributed to the goals and aims of the AMA and have been recognized with Member Emeritus distinction. 

  • Dr. Allan L. Bailey, Spruce Grove
  • Dr. John E. (Jack) Bromley, Red Deer
  • Dr. Janette A. Hurley, Calgary
  • Dr. Richard G.R. Johnston, Edmonton
  • Dr. Patrick J. (P.J.) White, Edmonton
More information

For more information on these awards and individuals visit www.albertadoctors.org or www.cma.ca.

The AMA awards were presented at its Representative Forum/Annual General Meeting September 21-22 in Calgary. The CMA awards were presented at its 151st Annual Meeting and Health Summit/General Council August 19-22 in Winnipeg.