Her internal world

Her internal world

Was all swirled

Into a cosmically coloured chaos

Of the grandest proportions

Her voice was lost

Amid all the rumblings

Of a mind gone astray

Of a mind gone away

But she, who was so sick

Came back real quick

So fast she surprised everyone

Including herself

Gone was the guide

Pulling her aside

Yes, gone was the navigator

She was on her own once again

Forever is an eternity

And an eternity of respite was too much to ask

So she prayed for strength of will

To down all the pills

She asked to accept the consequences

Of chemical modification

Asking that someday in heaven or hell

She'd be left alone with her mind naturally quelled

Because suffering must not last a lifetime

She hoped that life didn’t work that way

At least that's what she implored

As she sat screaming on the ward’s cold floor

Never to have roamed this wild beautiful earth

Never to have been blessed with the presence of normalcy

She wished for a dreamless sleep

She wished for a world with a compassionate saviour’s keep

Banner image credit: Shahariar Lenin, pixabay.com

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