An Ode to Healing 

Sad and lost

Not feeling great

Is life worth living

It’s up for debate

Let me help you

Let me be of aid

I’II do my best

Each and every day

Pick up your pieces 

One by one

Carry the burden

Until it’s done

Feels so heavy

Cause it takes its toll

Too much weight

Getting out of control



Sink or swim


Blank stares

Too many cares

Mirror, mirror

Does not lie

Ask yourself if not a healer, who am I

Sorry friend

Can’t do it no more
Wish you only the best 

Grateful but need time to rest

One day, you wake 

And time has passed

Clouds are gone

Sunshine at last

No longer trapped, now you’re flying 

Tears of joy instead of crying

Hand in hand with ones in need

Peace once lost has returned, indeed

Banner image credit: Gerd Altmann,

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