The AMA Youth Run Club was off to the races this fall with our busiest season yet! Clubs have been keen to host fun runs across the province and sometimes book a whole year out for annual events. We love being able to support in a hands-on way, and we wouldn’t be in the position of being able to help without the support of the AMA and the countless doctors who generously donate to the program.  

Fun runs are a great way to see the whole school get out and be active in their community or on the school grounds. So far in 2023 we’ve been able to attend and support 15 school and community runs with more than 5,500 participants! Additionally, we have 12 events pre-booked for the spring. Last year we were able to support more than 75 fun run events, and we are on track to exceed that this year.

Due to the ease of implementation and the resources available to coaches, many clubs choose to host their own events or just order year-end prizes for their participants instead of hosting a run. Our current school numbers are steadily climbing from the dip we saw during the pandemic. Currently, we have 294 schools registered and are running a club this year with more than 16,000 participants. 

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the year shapes up, but we think it’s going to be a fun one! 

Banner image: Terry Fox Run at maskêkosak kiskinomâtowikamik, Enoch, Alberta