Edmonton physician’s unshakeable commitment to patients

Dr. Daisy Fung is a family physician at the Palisades Medical Clinic in Edmonton and an Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine, at the University of Alberta. She was nominated for recognition by the AMA’s Shine A Light program by fellow family physician Dr. Dinesh Witharana. 

Dr. Witharana describes Dr. Fung as “an extremely committed family physician” who is compassionate and empathetic. He notes her dedication to sincerely caring for her patients and to providing them all required health care services, regardless of their ability, or inability, to pay.

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Dr. Fung is sincerely dedicated to caring for her patients and to providing them all required health care services, regardless of their ability, or inability, to pay.
Home visits

Like a family doctor from another time, at her own expense, Dr. Fung does home visits in situations where patients are unable to get into her clinic. “She refuses to abandon her patients despite her having fluctuating coverage for care of her own children,” adds Dr. Witharana. Tight resourcing in the clinic necessitates that Dr. Fung, currently on maternity leave, continues to cover her patients at home and occasionally in the office, sometimes with her babies in tow.

Dr. Witharana is moved and inspired by his colleague’s unshakeable commitment to her patients and to family medicine. “She truly represents hope for the future of a generation of physicians,” he says. “Often the new generations of physicians are accused of working less. Daisy demonstrates that this generation is still committed to excellent care of patients.” 

Introducing … Dr. Daisy Fung

Years in practice

I graduated in 2012 from family medicine residency, but I'm currently on my fourth maternity leave, so I still consider myself a "new grad!” 

Why medicine?

I grew up in rural Alberta and seeing the family physicians there inspired me to become one myself. I gravitated toward geriatrics and palliative care, along with home visits for all types and ages of patients, through experiences my family had health wise, along with my training in medical school (the Integrated Community Clerkship at the U of A) and residency (again, U of A).

I love how I can pursue life-long learning, with the privilege of being able to take that knowledge and help people. It is continually amazing how I can do or say something seemingly small in my workday and make a huge impact on somebody's life and end-of-life experience.

I am so lucky to be a physician, especially in conjunction with being a mother; I believe each makes me so much better at the other.

Mantra/philosophy of life 

"Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself." With the added medical perspective that one should treat patients and family as you would want your own family to be treated. (I am unable to count the number of times I say that quote to my children when teaching them!)

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