Learn about the importance of adding fluoride to Calgary's municipal water supply. University of Calgary science and medical students present on the issue.

For the AMA’s Calgary area members, the trip to the ballot box on Monday, October 18 will be about much more than voting for your mayor, councillors and school trustees.

For the 7th time since it first appeared on the Calgary municipal ballot in 1957, water fluoridation is back. Calgarians will be asked to vote on whether they are (or are not) in favor of re-introducing fluoridation to Calgary’s municipal water supply.

In the last 10 years since fluoride was removed from Calgary’s drinking water, Calgary dentists and physicians have been treating and operating on many more patients* with multiple, larger and deeper cavities, holes in teeth and missing teeth. 

Dentists promoting Community Fluoridated Water

In a notice to AMA Section of Pediatrics members in the July issue of AMA Section News, section president Dr. Michelle Bailey said, “While the issue of fluoride in the water is critical for Calgary with a plebiscite coming up this fall, the topic is relevant to all our provincial population as fluoride in water reduces dental caries and decay.”

With Representative Forum resolution RF 19S-08 (2019 Spring RF) – “That the AMA support and advocate for fluoridation in municipal water sources in accordance with Government of Canada guidelines.”** – the AMA recognized the necessity and indisputable value of fluoride in municipal water. 

In support of the motion, a survey to gauge the level of public support for water fluoridation was conducted with members of the AlbertaPatients.ca community forum; AMA representatives presented to Calgary city council; and a letter, which remains on-record, was sent to council. 

Please consider participating in the Fluoride Yes! campaign.

Wondering how you can start NOW to support a “YES!” vote?

Please consider participating in the Fluoride Yes! campaign: 

● Signing the petition:  https://www.FluorideYes.ca/petition  

● Volunteering:  https://www.FluorideYes.ca/volunteer 

● Donating:  https://www.FluorideYes.ca/donate 

And of course, vote YES! on October 18:  www.calgary.ca/election Special Ballot (mail-in) voting 

*A study conducted approximately two years after the fluoridation of Calgary’s drinking water ended in 2011 found that “decay in children’s baby teeth had risen by 65% compared to 2005, while the increase was only 14% in Edmonton,” which has fluoridated its drinking water at the Health Canada recommended level since 1967. (Source: After a decade of cavities, will Calgary put fluoride back in its water supply? Maclean’s Magazine, April 26, 2021)

**Health Canada recommends water be fluoridated to a level of 0.7 milligrams per litre (mg/L) to prevent tooth decay. The level of naturally occurring fluoride found in Calgary’s Bow and Elbow Rivers ranges from 0.1 to 0.4 mg/L. That level decreases to 0.08 to 0.26 mg/L after treatment to produce drinking water, with the result that Calgary’s drinking water contains approximately one-third of the fluoridation level recommended by Health Canada

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