Mystery of life

Sometimes it’s just, right, 

Sometimes it’s corrupt, unfair,

Sometimes it loves like the summer sun on moist skin, 

Sometimes it hurts like the bitter cold on icy toes,

Sometimes it hits like the rough waves on the rock,

Sometimes it caresses like the calm blue sea,

Sometimes its short, done in a blink,

Sometimes it declines ending, is lonely, sad,

Sometimes it’s filled with joy and laughter, 

Sometimes it’s a pit of sorrow.

Always a mystery, 

Who knows what one gets, 

Yet this is life, 

One worth the breath.


Sit in the corner 

Cold chair 

Wait patiently 

Posters on the wall

Mental health 


Help lines 


Mind distressed 

Body vibrates

Wonder if there is help 

Hope and pray

Mother said go 

She will know 

To trust 

This unknown

Should leave

Keep my secrets 

In my soul 


Doctor comes in 

No white coat


Seems normal

Voice calm

Looks me in the eye



Ask questions



Maybe mother was right 

Maybe I can share

Maybe I can get help 

Let’s start here 

The Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP) invites original physician poetry submissions

We invite Alberta physicians in any career stage to send in their original poems/prose to be considered for publication in the PFSP Perspectives column in future issues of Alberta Doctors’ Digest

  • Submissions (under 500 words please) can be emailed to Please put the phrase “poetry submission” in the subject field of the email. 
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your submission. If it is selected for publication, we will work with the editor of ADD to determine when it can be published. 
  • For further information or questions, please email, and one of our team will get back to you.

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