Amber Fripp
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Dr. Amber Fripp, a practicing General Internal Medicine Specialist in Calgary, is an advocate for taking ownership of a healthy lifestyle. She is a mother of 8 year old twin girls and practices full time with a mixed hospital based and outpatient clinical practice.

Dr. Fripp has passion for fitness and an interest in promoting health and wellness amongst her colleagues and puts on an annual weekend fitness retreat for women in medicine. She has been an athlete most of her life and currently is rising the ranks in Crossfit, Spartan/Obstacle Course Racing and Olympic Weightlifting with some pretty lofty goals. She believes health and wellness is achievable in every stage of a medical career and builds a stronger foundation for a balanced life.

Fitness and healthy choices are the cornerstone of this foundation. She aspires to help her patients achieve a sense of general well-being despite disease and encourages fitness as one means of achieving that.

In other words, “Do it for your patients, do it for yourself®”