Dr. Ingrid de Kock
Dr. Ingrid de Kock.jpg

Dr. Ingrid de Kock joined the Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program in July 2000, after completing a fellowship in palliative care medicine at the University of Ottawa. Prior to this, she was working in several provinces/territories as a rural GP surgeon/anesthetist, having completed her medical training in South Africa.

As a palliative care physician with the Edmonton Zone Palliative Community Consult team, Dr. de Kock provides consulting services to the community, acute care hospitals, Edmonton hospices and long-term care facilities. She has a strong clinical focus and is involved in teaching and research activities of the Division of Palliative Care Medicine in the capacity of clinical professor. Her research focus is on clinical aspects of patient care.  

Dr. de Kock is the physician lead for the Palliative Community Consult team and currently also the Section Chief Palliative Care, the clinical medical lead for the Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program. 

She is a past president of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians.