Dr. John J. Boyd
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Dr. John J. Boyd was born on January 26, sharing that same day with Wayne Gretzky, but just a little before him, in 1940 in Glasgow Scotland. He graduated in 1963 from the University of Glasgow and followed post grad training in obstetrics, becoming a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 1968.

Not having seen any of the world, Dr. Boyd luckily was accepted to a Fellowship year in 1969 at the world renowned Rh Lab in Winnipeg. What a privilege to be working with such a powerful group of scientists: Bruce Chown, Jack Bowman and others. Their study on Rh prevention was underway and proved to be hugely successful.

Dr. Boyd next spent a year at the University of the West Indies and was humbled by how much they did with very little. Some very fine doctors. Next off to Birmingham in England for another year, and from there was recruited to Edmonton to help with high risk obstetrics with Professor Peter Beck in 1971.

Dr. Boyd has played his bass fiddle in several amateur orchestras and added to that recently with the ukulele in two groups. He spends the occasional idle moment jotting rhymes, or more properly, doggerel – and having great laughs with the irrepressible Dr. Sandy Paterson. He also loves puttering with old cars, namely a 1929 Oldsmobile and a 1966 MGB. Both are deep money quarries!