Second-year medical student
Olivia Genereux
Olivia Genereux.jpg

Olivia Genereux is a second-year medical student at the Cumming School of Medicine. Prior to entering medical school, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Acadia University and a Master of Public Health at Memorial University. 

During this time, her interest and passion for improving access to health care services allowed her to participate in several projects and initiatives targeted towards underserved populations. Some of her work has focused on identifying and minimizing barriers to accessing sexual health services for Indigenous communities throughout Alberta. 

Since arriving at medical school, Olivia has been actively involved in the Calgary Student Run Clinic. This role has allowed her to continue to work with underserved populations by coordinating and collaborating with other medical students to operate a clinic at the Mustard Seed Wellness Centre in downtown Calgary. She is also involved with research focusing on initiatives that improve health literacy among immigrant populations in Canada. Olivia hopes to continue this line of work throughout her career, following her passion to evoke meaningful change for local communities and increase student involvement in health care systems.