Family physicians and their teams are best suited to educate patients about the importance of getting vaccinated. You can address fear and trepidation around vaccine hesitancy, identify patients at risk of serious outcomes with COVID-19 infection, and reach out to patients when they are eligible to receive a vaccine. You know your patients and their stories; they trust you to take care of them. When you know the patients, they listen to you. 

This summary document can be used in conversations with clinic staff around the valuable role you can play in addressing patient vaccine hesitancy.

A toolkit has been developed to support family physicians and practice teams in conversations with patients about the COVID-19 vaccine with relevant and practical information. The information contained in this toolkit is updated frequently, and we encourage you to check back regularly for the most up-to-date information.

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Be informed. Be visible. Accelerate uptake.

The toolkit is divided into three sections

Be informed

Many patients and health care providers have doubts about vaccination safety and efficacy. Here you will find key information for providers including evidence and information on vaccine safety, vaccinating special populations, reporting adverse events and more.

Be visible

Materials support clinics to become leaders in vaccine promotion, including print materials, example videos, images and social media posts.

Accelerate uptake

Scripts and EMR tools for primary care providers and their teams address and document vaccine hesitancy and uptake.

The toolkit includes content and links from our partners including the Government of Canada, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the Centre for Effective Practice, 19 to Zero, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, the Alberta College of Family Physicians and more. 


If you have any questions about this toolkit, please email

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Family physicians and pharmacists are working together to put COVID-19 behind us

Vaccines are safe, effective and our best way out of the pandemic

This is the main message of a joint campaign by Alberta family physicians and pharmacists that is designed to encourage as many Albertans as possible to get vaccinated so that we can move on and get back to normal as soon as possible.

While physicians and pharmacists have been working together throughout the pandemic, the #VaccinesWork campaign began on June 21 with a joint statement issued by the Alberta Medical AssociationAlberta Pharmacists’ AssociationAlberta College of Family Physicians and Primary Care Networks

Family physicians and pharmacists have been educating themselves on the COVID-19 vaccine and, because they know a patient’s history, family and circumstances, they are best positioned to have discussions and make recommendations that are right for each patient.

Alberta’s family physicians and pharmacists are here to help Albertans get past the pandemic. Please amplify this important campaign through your own channels by doing the following: