During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Heather Patterson has taken on the laudable task of documenting the effects of the pandemic on medical staff and patients. With the full support of Alberta Health Services, patients and families, she has photographed tens of thousands of amazing, thought-provoking frontline scenes that will take your breath away.

It can be safely said that Dr. Patterson is one of the few doctors anywhere in the world who has had the opportunity to document the ER and ICU response to COVID in this behind-the-scenes manner. She shared some of her photos while she spoke to us about her project and why patients were so willing to participate.

Calgary physician-photographer documents front line COVID response (video production credit: Marvin Polis and Christina Monai, with photos from Dr. Heather Patterson)

Banner image: Dr. Heather Patterson, Calgary (photo credit: Leah Hennel, Alberta Health Services)