To my son, David

Who is holding down

the home front,

While I go a-vaccinating!

Since May fifteenth,

I have been vaccinating 

In downtown Calgary 

TELUS Convention Centre 

On Stephen Avenue 

A huge facility.

I volunteered 

Learned the six modules 

Declared no criminal offence 

Yes, had liability insurance 

No would not renege 

Committed to train and to vaccinate.

I knew downtown parking 

Would be a nightmare  

But at City Hall

for us it was free 

Then an easy walk to the TELUS facility,

Where a long snake of people greeted me.

Security was tight 

Every five meters 

Folks in vests, neon bright 

Guided me to where I should be.

My spot was 5E

Where a tiny vial of Pfizer 

in a cold gel pack, awaited me.

Lot number, Batch number 

Draw point three gingerly 

No tapping, no shaking,

Complete all forms carefully 

Remember to sanitize hands 

In between and frequently.

My people are nervous, excited 


Mixed with anticipation.

“We have waited so long for this 

Yes ! Yes! You have my consent 

But, I’m scared of needles – hope I don’t faint“


“May I take a selfie 

to send to my friends and family?”

Two migrant workers

From Quintana Roo to DeWinton

No habla Anglais 

“Doctora, doctora , can we have cerveza after?”

It’s eight pm

Lights have dimmed

I’m getting cross-eyed 

Time to quit 

Remove mask and shield 

Sanitize desk.

Security guard says

“Thank you for doing all that you do “

It’s a balmy evening out 

Sun is still up

Homeless addicts 

from their drug stupor are up and about.

One sits in a sunny spot 

Smiles at me 


Holds up a bag of buns 

I think,

Only the poor, still know how to share 

I am touched.

Woman, in tight jeans, still high

rides a bicycle 

in Rhine-stone heels 

While nearby 

A man with deformed hands

Swollen legs, in his chair 

Wheels by.

The sun is still high 

It’s one of those spring evenings in Calgary 

When a breeze blows, Warm and balmy 

Invoking in me 

a certain longing

to be

In Hawaii 

Then, I remind myself 

I am with my people 

I am 

Where I ought to be.