It's here! The very first digital and interactive version of Alberta Doctors’ Digest, the Alberta Medical Association's flagship publication to help you understand the business, politics and economics of practicing medicine in Alberta.

Okay, it's indeed true that ADD has, in the past, been posted on the AMA website as a PDF document. It has also been available as an eBook. Those formats were a good start, but what we're up to now is entirely different!

We want your feedback to ensure we get this right

With our digital and interactive publication, we'll enhance ADD far beyond the printed word. We can now include rich media like video and audio. Some of these clips will be produced by us here at the AMA, while others I'll curate from inspiring sources like TED Talks and some of my favourite podcasts.

And photography! Who doesn't love photography? In the past, our storytelling has been constrained by the printing process, number of pages, and all that jazz. Not any more. So we can now bring you more great photography and other forms of storytelling. In fact, if you or someone you know would like to volunteer as a local photographer, that’s a resource we could definitely use. Some of you have already stepped forward, so thanks for that!

The magazine version of ADD was in print for more than 40 years. That's a long time! With the launch of the historic March-April, 2018 issue, we now pay our respects to Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press that was first used in 1439. That's an even longer time.

We want your feedback to ensure we get this right. So if you have any comments or suggestions, please Contact Us and share your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you.

Banner photo credit: Marvin Polis
How far have we come? Here's a beautiful video of a Gutenberg printing press found at the Crandall Printing Museum in Provo, Utah.