MD FRCP(C) | Assessment Physician, PFSP
Dr. Marc Cherniwchan
Marc Cherniwchan head shot 2

Dr. Marc Cherniwchan is an emergency physician with over 35 years experience in both academic and community emergency departments. He has an abiding interest in psychiatric issues, and has also worked as a hospitalist for the department of psychiatry. He has been an assessment physician with the PFSP program for the past seven years and has presented many times on various issues regarding physician health.

Marc's major interests in medicine are how creativity and innovation can be encouraged in difficult clinical environments, as well as how individuals both survive and thrive long-term in the medical workplace. Prior to medicine, he studied psychology with a special interest in the neurobiology underlying the creative process. 

He has been a working artist since 1989, producing both large format photography and mixed media pieces. His work is displayed in both hospital and commercial spaces. Marc loves hiking, climbing, and both alpine and cross-country skiing. 

Marc starts every morning by scanning four news feeds, and ends every evening by listening for a half an hour to Apple Music. He lives in Edmonton with his wife, Helen, and you can find him trying to teach his two year old grand daughter to climb at the local rock gym.