Humanity Auxilium
Nathan Woolridge

Nathan Woolridge is a Calgary-based journalist with a background in communications and political science. He has been published by the Calgary Journal and The Reflector, where he served as News Editor for both publications. 

Nathan has also been published by CBC News and has won several journalism awards from across North America; Excellence in Education Writing and Best Environmental Writing in the 2020 Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association Awards and a 2020 Pacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press for Multimedia Story of the Year.

His stories focus on profiles and issues – mostly politics and current events, including stories on human rights. Currently, his passion is focused on shedding light and raising awareness on human rights crises around the world, climate change and social injustices. He has covered other areas, such as sports and cultural stories, and is a dedicated podcast and webinar host.

Nathan has studied the news, information design, visual story-telling (photography and video), audio storytelling, and print/online articles during his time as a journalist.