Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams cropped

Ryan Williams is President of TWI Surveys Inc. and Partner at Tekara Organizational Effectiveness. He's a researcher, advisor and strategist who is recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators as a Canadian Master Communicator.

In 1999, Ryan's career started by capturing every detail, memo and leader interview in a post mortem of the AMA’s Master Agreement negotiations process. From that first project, he has partnered with the AMA for almost 20 years to administer and support regular listening engagements with members. His work with physicians has had a lasting influence and contributed to the field of organizational communication globally. Ryan and the AMA experimented with phone, fax and email surveys in the early days and they continue to track members' opinions related their strategic plan and topical surveys related to the AMA’s services and programs.

Today, Ryan continues to develop measurement methodologies to address shifting audience needs, a fragmented media environment and mobile enabled technologies. His goal is to help people see each other better to pursue a harmonious, healthy and productive world.